DAG FORCE (ダグフォース)
観るものを圧倒するLIVEから「Blues Rapper」の異名を持つ。
'04年に活動を開始してから渡米するまでの11年間、年間約100以上のライブやMC行い、常に実力派として全国に名前を響かせてきた。現在までに60作品以上の客演参加、武道館LIVE出演やBLUE NOTEツアーへの参加、映画出演、海外公演、ギャラリーや美術館公演、海外アーティストとの共作を行う等の経験を経て'15年より突如NYへ移住。
移住後は、Grammy受賞ミュージシャンなど参加するJam Sessionで腕を磨き、音楽家として又いち人間として研鑽を積み世界レベルの表現者として着実に成長してゆく。海外に於いても日本語の即興演奏で現場を沸かせ、言語を超えた独自の音楽表現を確立。コロナ以降は、東京とNYを行き来しながら完全招待制の音楽イベント「JOINT」を主宰しながら、日々楽曲制作に勤しむ。

Known as the "Blues Rapper" for his overwhelming live performances that captivate audiences, DAG FORCE is a truly unique and unparalleled musical artist representing 21st-century Japan. Often referred to as the "Messenger of Love," he embarked on his musical journey in 2004 and spent 11 years captivating the nation with over 100 live performances and MC sessions annually, establishing his name as a formidable talent.
From his debut until his move to the United States in 2015, DAG FORCE participated in over 60 collaborations, performed at prestigious venues like the Budokan, joined the BLUE NOTE Tour, ventured into the world of film, showcased his talents internationally, and even graced art galleries in New York. His artistic prowess led him to an unexpected relocation to New York, where he honed his skills in Jam Sessions alongside Grammy-winning musicians, fostering personal and artistic growth on a global scale.
In the post-NY era, DAG FORCE has transcended language barriers with his spontaneous performances in Japanese, creating a unique musical

Photo by Sho Kobayashi.
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