PROFILE (English)

Japanese Rap Artist / Sound Creator
Born in Hida Takayama, Gifu Prefecture of JAPAN.
Currently based in NY/Brooklyn.

Brief history of DAG FORCE.

DAG FORCE has a unique style of "blues rap" where he raps as if he were singing. He is known for his energetic and emotional live acts, inspiring people with his straightforward message.

His musical approach, which is not limited to the HipHop music of his origins, is the reason why he is called a "one and only" artist.

He spent his very active twenties, performing over 80-100 continuous stage performances per year for 11 years until he moved to the US in 2015, participating in over 40 guest performances, appearing in films, collaborating with foreign artists, and touring abroad.

He is the only Japanese rap artist who has been active professionally for more than 10 years and is currently the only one who can perform music based in New York.

He has released three albums (CD/LP) on his own label, FORCESOUNDINC. and all have sold out.
He is a rare artist who self-produces all of his musical works, from concept, composition, lyrics, recording, and mixing work to package design and touring events, and all of his releases have sold out.

DAG FORCE's music can currently be heard on major music channels including Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Youtube.